How to clear cache for facebook on iphone

Cleaning the app cache, in general, should be a part of your routine – it is very helpful for the work of the app and always useful because it frees up the memory of the phone. Yes, the cache is designed for faster loading of the app when you run it, but often the cache gets clogged and you still have to clean it if not manually but through a special built-in app clearer.

How to clear cache on your iPhone

They are usually built into the smartphone and always offer to clear the memory after a certain time just by clearing all the junk that is stored in the cache of various applications.

Via Facebook

This article’s aim is to assist you in clearing the cache on your iPhone. There are a few methods to clear cache off from your iPhone:

  • Clear Cache through the Facebook app
  • Clear all phone cache with iPhone Cleaner Software
  • Clear Cache by deleting the app completely
  • Clear cache if you are using any browser

In the Facebook app, the developers designed an in-built cache clearer for situations when you need to do so. Here is how to:

  • Open the Facebook app on your iPhone

  • Over there in the iPhone Facebook app, click Menu > Settings & Privacy >Permissions

  • Select the Browser
  • On that page, click the Clear Data option to clear the phone’s cookies and Cache. (Sometimes these cache and cookies are accumulated from websites visited on Facebook)

How to clear all phone cache with iPhone Cleaner Software

Likewise in the case of Facebook, you can use a third-party app for the iPhone. It’s quite simple as all you need to do is download the manager software on a pc and connect your iPhone to the PC via a USB cord to scan your device. You can use this manager software to free up space generally on your device. For instance, you can download these apps:

  • Synciosа iOS Eraser
  • iOTransfer

How to clear cache by deleting the app completely

If none of the above helps and the memory is still clogged, then a radical way would be to delete Facebook from the phone. Don’t worry, your data on Facebook will not go anywhere, but the cache and all the data associated with the application itself on your smartphone will be deleted. When you reinstall Facebook, everything will return to its place and the cache will be cleared. Here is how to:

  • Go to Settings, click General > Storage > iPhone Storage
  • Search for Facebook, then click
  • After clicking Facebook, tap “delete” to remove the app

  • You can then reinstall Facebook after the removal is done

How to clear cache from browser

Using Facebook through the app will help you save space in your phone’s memory, but the experience of using the Facebook app is much more enjoyable than using the browser. But still, here’s how to clear the cache in your browser.

To clear cache on Safari:

  • Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data
  • Click Remove all Website Data > Remove Now

To clear cache on Google Chrome:

  • Go to Chrome App > At the bottom-right click on the 3 dots (More) button
  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data
  • Clear Browsing Data (make sure Browsing history, Cookies, Site Data, Cached Images and files are checked)

How to delete Safari cache on iPhone or iPad

There are two ways to delete Safari cache on iPhone and iPad, cache with browsing history and only cache. This would help your device to run fast.

Cache and browsing history

If you want to clear your cache and browsing history, you should follow the steps which would be mentioned in the section below:

  • First of all, you should open the Settings app.
  • After that, you should click on Safari.

  • Then, you should click on Clear History and Website Data.

  • There would be a pop-up screen displayed, you should tap on Clear History and Data.

Only cache

If you want to clear only the Safari cache on your iPhone or iPad, you should follow the steps which would be mentioned in the section below:

  • First of all, you should open the Settings app.
  • After that, you should click on Safari.
  • Then, you should click on Advanced.

  • After that, you should select Website Data.

  • To finish the process, you should click on Remove All Website Data.

Now you can delete or free up space on your phone, control its performance and speed simply by periodically clearing the application cache.

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    What happens if I clear cache on Facebook app?

    What happens when you clear the app cache? Clearing the cache resets the app so that it will remove your login information and other temporary files. You will need to sign in to your Facebook account again.

    How do I force Facebook to clear cache?

    Scroll down and tap Settings & privacy. Tap Settings. Scroll down to the Permissions section and tap Browser. Tap Clear under Browsing Data to clear your app's cache.

    How do I clear my cache on my iPhone?

    In the Chrome app.
    On your iPhone or iPad, open the Chrome app ..
    At the bottom, tap More ..
    Tap History. Clear browsing data..
    Make sure there's a check mark next to "Cookies, Site Data," and "Cached Images and Files.".
    Tap Clear browsing data..